Weekly Favourites | Beauty

Monday, March 16, 2015

Now that it's practically summer (in my head), I've been raiding through my vibrant pink Chanel nail polishes as well as the understated Frenzy shade. I'm relieved to see the back of burgundy and all those other Autumnal colours which I'm now branding as morbid but lets face it I'll be ranting and raving about them come September.

An old trusty favourite, and my holy grail of all skin highlighters, MAC's Soft and Gentle. I won't need to delve too much into why this is on my list as every beauty junky owns and loves it. If you're yet to try then head down to MAC and swatch - although be prepared because you'll end up buying it, there's something about a pink champagne shade which accentuates everyone's cheekbones.

I LOVE Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara, although it was an absolute bitch to get hold of. I couldn't find it on any of the counters or drugstores, in the end my friend and fellow blogger Rogue Lipstick managed to nab me a PR sample. This both thickened and lengthened my lashes, from what I've heard the majority's response to this product has been along the same lines. However I'm not sure anyones admitted whether it does what it says on the tin….

A shorter favourites list I'm sure you'll agree but personally I've always preferred a favourites post which is short and sweet, as opposed to loving 20+ products within the space of a week and being considered a PR's dream. 

Bargain Babe | Haul

Monday, March 02, 2015

I often bang on about how I've cut back on my spending but these babies combined only cost me £40... which I'm slightly smug about as it's never me who finds the bargains, it's always someone else telling me what a great find something was.

The gorgeous jumper (which is SO Tumblr I'm sure you'll agree) was from MissGuided and cost a very reasonable £16, I did buy mine two dresses sizes up as I love my knitwear oversized. 

The shoes are originally from Kurt Geiger priced £55... but I found them in TK Max for £24 - as you can imagine that made my day. 

They look great styled together with light ripped denim and lots of gold jewellery. 

Spa Day | Lingfield Park Resort

Monday, January 26, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would've seen that I spent a day at Lingfield Park's Spa and restaurant. Myself and fellow bloggers Eastbourne Lifestyle and Rogue Lipstick got to enjoy the full experience of relaxing, being pampered and dining like kings - seriously we had like an eight course banquet!

The facilities for spa users included a pool complete with a jacuzzi,  a relaxation room, sauna, gym, and every flavour of green tea imaginable. I've been to my fair share of spas and I have to say in terms of cleanliness and presentation Lingfield's was the best by far! The staff were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to ensure our visit was hassle free and relaxing!

There's a variety of different treatments to spoil yourself with; everything from massages to manicures, obvs with my battered skin I went for an Elemis facial. I was so relieved Lingfields collaborate with a fantastic brand like Elemis, when it comes to skincare you can't beat them! The brand which a spa partners with says a lot about the quality of the treatment itself and considering you pay a fair amount for a day out you want the best for your money.

Prior to the facial the lady asked me a range of different questions concerning my skin and what issues I had with it etc. and together we decided on a treatment which would help with my past acne scaring, then I had the pleasure of listening to spa music and relaxing on a heated bed whilst she tried her hardest to make me look beautiful!

Around 7pm we sat down for dinner at the chef's table where we enjoyed our Italian experience. The chef introduced himself and he's team before dinner and was courteous to talk us through each course throughout the evening. Although there was a lot of food we were told we could take a break at any time between courses, this definitely happened after the fifth dish when we hit the bloated stage. My absolute favourite was the smoked salmon and asparagus open ravioli, I'm a big lover of fish and pasta so this dish was perfect for me!

Open Ravioli 


 Overall it was a fantastic day and I'm definitely heading back to the resort in the future with a few of my girls, and plus I promised I'd take my mum next time! Lingfield's do offer a range of different services on the grounds, so it would be an ideal location for business and pleasure. With the racecourse just next door it's a great place to go with a group of couples, plus the hotel's definitely worth stopping in! Check out their website here for bookings and don't forget to follow them on Twitter; they loved seeing my updates throughout my stay, as they will yours!