Graduation Ball! What to wear?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am one of those really soppy graduates who continuously goes on about the amount of pride they felt during their graduation day, and why shouldn't I? It was, and still is, the best day of my life; you realise the extent to what you have achieved and suddenly all the work and sleepless nights actually feel worthwhile! To anyone that is graduating this summer, cherish every minute of it and whether you scraped a 2:2 or earned yourself a first you still deserve to feel proud of the three/four years you spent grafting for that qualification which is pretty much a necessity in our current job market.

Anyways, onto the fun bit... what will you wear for the big graduation ball? Not to add to the current pressures of the evening, but this will be one of the last events which you will see everyone at your university together again... so I would advise you pull out the big guns!
When I graduated last year I wanted everyone to remember what I wore, as I kept telling my friends "lets pretend we're dressing for the Oscars!" I wore a gold sequin embellished Karen Millen dress (which felt like the weight of armour) and although I could've been mistaken for a game show assistant, I felt I looked fabulous and everyone remembered THE dress! My only tip for dress selecting is to choose a tasteful colour which would be classed as elegant, yet still striking enough to steal the limelight; I'd say either red, blue, gold or white are excellent colours to go for, try to avoid black as it will just fade you into the background. I've picked my four favorites from the British high street which I think are both elegant and glamorous!

  1. Oyster Long Sleeved Dress - All Saints - £395
  2. Charlie Peplum Bandeau Dress - Oasis - £25
  3. Davina Dress in lipstick - LK Bennet - £225
  4. Ballerina Dress By OH MY LOVE - Topshop - £49

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