Boots Sol Tan Beautiful Bronze - The Best Fake Tan On The Market!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whilst plodding through John Lewis earlier this week I spotted a young lady with what I can only describe as the best tan in London (I'm definitely NOT exaggerating). I wouldn't normally stop people with a query on their appearance because I can imagine I would come across like a moron, but I had to find out how she maintained a tan like that! I was assuming she would give me the answer, "I've just returned from a holiday", which would make the tan near enough impossible to replicate. However, she told me she used a Boot's Sol-Tan spray in the 'medium to dark' shade. I often state that fake tan is my one area of experience as I've tried near enough every brand and shade, but this tan product by Boot's is the best on the market!! 

I'd recommend spraying it in the shower/bath (without the bath or shower running of corse) as the spray has a habit of going up the wall etc. but the colour emerges pretty much straight away and gets darker and darker as the days go on! The tan I've gained from it is near enough the exact colour I go when I'm on holiday abroad, which is a deep, dark shade (not orange in the slightest) and for just £5.99 a bottle it's a definite steal, especially in this current weather. Buy yours here

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