Interning at Juicy Couture.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here's a few snaps which I've taken during my Marketing/PR internship at Juicy Couture in London. I apologise that there's no outfit shots, unfortunately getting up at 6am and commuting a total of three and a half hours a day gave me a terrible complexion, one of which can only be compared to a crackhead. So I won't subject you to that sight, however enjoy a  glimpse of some of my every day tasks. If you have any questions regarding interning or where the best places are to find top internships feel free to message me 

Harrods Kids wear launch, girls were given the opportunity to pose for a photo whilst modeling their favorite Juicy Couture outfit on the vesper, complete with a Juicy Boy on their side. 

Juicy Couture themed cake pops to hand out.

Selecting which male model to work with was hardly a chore....

 Couldn't resist!!

When I'm based in the office my usual tasks consist of liaising with bloggers, making goodybags (above), reviewing magazines for Juicy Couture  coverage and competitor activity (below), along with A LOT of admin work (can't have fun all the time)

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