Catastrophe Face Mask - LUSH

Monday, November 25, 2013

Featured in a previous post as one of my November purchases; I'll be honest when I say I had one whiff of this stuff and I brought it, it wasn't until I was at the till the lovely lady explained what was in this little pot and how it would benefit my haggard looking skin. Chemistry was never my thing, but when she mentioned how the key ingredient in this mask was fresh blueberries, which I know is a superfood or as she put it an 'antioxidant' which I somehow know oxidizes (still with me?) I knew this would awaken and refresh my skin. 

The mask drys pretty quickly so you won't need to worry about it dripping everywhere and causing havoc with your clothes, however facial expressions and movement is an absolute no-no as the blueberries have a habit of falling off once they're dried. The scent reminds me of the Parma Violet sweets, and this smell lingers on your skin for hours after, which is a bonus.

I was really happy with the soft feel of my face afterwards, it also reduced inflamed redness from the cold weather and improved the overall appearance of my skin, resulting in a fresher, clearer complexion. 

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