Sleek's Miracle Contour Pallette!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First and foremost I will admit I'm waaayy behind with the times, this contouring kit has been brought and reviewed by everyone and their wife already but it's been so difficult to get my hands on it! Every time I've been to Boots or Superdrug this product's been sold out or unavailable in the 'Light' shade, as a matter of fact I only managed to get hold of this one because a friend hunted it down for me!

I'm not speaking lightly when I say that this kit had a lot to live up to, but was it worth the ball ache? I'm relieved to say yes... the subtle shade and strong pigmentation of the contour powder is what makes this product a_ma_zing! I often find a lot of matte bronzers which are 'recommended' for contouring appear far too muddy and difficult to blend, drawing more attention to the areas I'm trying to divert it from - defeating the point.

The highlighter is a light nude shade with a slight shimmer to it, this sits well on top of liquid concealer on your cheekbones. I mainly contour to reduce the size of my forehead (often referred to as my five head), and to make my face look more sculpt. A diagram of where to apply the contour powder and the highlighter is provided with the kit.

If you're yet to be obsessed with contouring and highlighting then check out Samer Khouzami, a Lebanese make-up artist who I think has taken contouring to whole new level, he's before and after pictures prove what a powerful skill it can be!  

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