For Those Days From Hell

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It usually starts with stumping your toe or God forbid stepping on a plug, but from that moment you're in a downward spiral. Suddenly your left shoe is missing and you're already five minutes late, in your best efforts you grab another pair which look atrocious with your dress but in that moment you're too late to care. Nine times out of ten after a stressful departure you would've forgotten one of the following, your phone, your purse or your keys; all of which serve a vital purpose in your day.
The worst thing you can do on a day like this is fight it; convince yourself that this is in fact your day and your nine crapy incidents that morning were merely a coincidence - you fool. When a bad day strikes all is left to do is let it run it's course, in fact I remember Aunt Zelda lecturing Sabrina that same lesson when she woke up with her first wart. 
Nail your appearance. It's comforting to say "it's a crap day, but at least my hair looks good"

Practically tattoo this quote on the back of your eyelids.
When disaster strikes pop your headphones in and listen to this banger.
When you finally arrive home watch your favourite film.

Jump in your bed and know that the abysmal day can't get you anymore - remember that tomorrow's a brand new, spotless day.
Picture sourced from Pinterest. Video from Vevo YouTube


  1. This is such a cute and inspiring post I love the Ariel photo x
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    1. Aw thank you :) just followed u lovely x

  2. hahahaha I'm loving your blog! Such cute and accurate posts :p