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Monday, January 19, 2015

My new years resolution was to blog more often, yet here I am after a week of no content, fail. However I'm back on form this week and I have an exciting post featuring my top five YouTubers, I'm always after newbies to follow on both YouTube and Instagram so I hope by sharing my favourites you discover some exciting new content yourselves!

Note - I've stayed clear of some of the obvious YouTubers mainly because everyone follows them and the point of this post is to encourage new finds.

The lovely Sarah Ashcroft who's famous for her Instagram outfits has a YouTube channel! She's brilliant at makeup tutorials and features hauls and workspace tours. I met her once at an event and she's just as lovely in person as she is in her videos, definitely check her channel out!

She's the hottest Aussie on YouTube. Without a doubt she posts the best makeup tutorials and beauty advice. She's a very reliable source too, only recommending quality products and she's very open about the products which are gifted. 

Fashion and makeup orientated videos are my favourite, it's not often you find bloggers great at both. Her videos are varied and fun, she's not one to consistently do the same content over and over which is great if you get bored quick or love variety.

The most luxurious YouTuber by far! This girl knows her stuff when it comes to designer handbags, she provides the most honest reviews and I would definitely watch her videos if you're contemplating an expensive purchase. Not only does she advise on quality styles but she dishes the dirt on the brands which are and are not worth the money.

Patricia reveals the BEST bargains (her hauls are an absolute must), I've gone out and brought a lot of her recommendations! Her life advice is really inspiring; renowned for her organisation skills she has videos on finical advice, self esteem and confidence.

Are there any YouTubers you love? Share them below xo 

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