I've Fallen Head Over Heels For Forever 21

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I first encountered the Forever 21 website during my online styling internship, if I was to give my honest review of their collection it wouldn't have been anything spectacular to say the least. In fact I would've gone as far to label them as an upmarket New Look, but I stepped into the Forever 21 store in Blue Water, Kent at the weekend and it's somehow converted me! The visual merchandising of that store is beyond stunning and is exactly what captures you. The clothing and accessories are great, but it's the store's feminine wardrobe design; it's glamorous and girly, almost comparable to a Victoria Secret fashion show. It sucks you into this atmosphere where you genuinely feel like you need everything in the store, I was picking up sleepwear, knickers, as well as buckets of accessories! I would highly recommend a visit, after a lot of contemplation I only brought a handful of beautiful jewellery, including the diamante bow ring featured above which I love! 


  1. Oh my, that's some serious arm candy!! Piles of sparkly jewellery- I'd be in there all day.....

  2. I was literally mesmerized haha. Thanks for commenting :) xo