That Perfect Arch!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I remember as clear as day when my eyebrow addiction took over my life, I was working alongside another stylist who did freelance beauty in her spare time; the first thing she said to me was "I really want to get my hands on your eyebrows and completely revamp them". Looking back now I should have pointed out one of her flaws for her, but swings and roundabouts because realistically it was the best beauty advice I was ever given! My eyebrows were hideous, I looked like that evil mono-brow baby from The Simpsons, I can admit that now because I've seen the difference a perfect arch can make to my face. 

Using the diagram above, line A is where your brow should start, directly from the bottom of your nose. Line B should be an angle starting from the bottom of your nose and ending in the outer corner of your eye, this particular line shows where your brow should finish (mine doesn't quite end here but I use a product to fake this). And finally and most importantly line C should be straight from the bottom of your nose directly through the middle of your eye's pupil, this should be the highest point of your brow. 

If you are thinking about completely re-styling your brows yourself like I did then I would advise you to completely grow them out (yes I did just say that) I won't lie it will be tough but I got over this hurdle by having a 60's fringe cut in to hide them, just whilst they were growing. 
It's much easier to style two thick slug looking brows then a pair of super skinny lines. Use the diagram above to guide you towards your perfect shape, to achieve a fabulous arch pluck from the bottom of the brow between lines A and C, and the top of the brow between lines C and B. 

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