Benefit's Gimmie Brow Review

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This was probably the easiest sale a make-up assistant ever had... I'm such a sucker for this brand - my boyfriend once said if Benefit bottled poo I'd buy it - hilarious (rolling my eyes). I'll be the first to admit I've brought a lot of make-up I've barely/never used, however this badboy has made it's way into the 'Every Day Make-Up Bag' after just a few days... there hasn't been a response like that since Mac's Mineralized Skin Finish entered my life. 

So what makes this product so special?

I'm really, really, REALLY not a morning person and I wish I had time to apply make-up with a bit of effort, as for filling in my brows... I'd consider that a rare treat. This is partly because brows are big business, I tend to find the more time I invest shaping them the less even and unnatural they look. So what I needed was a quick, reliable way to 'shape and fill' in under a minute, which is what makes Gimmie Brow so special. 

I know the product's selling point is that it gives you brows you never realised you had, but I'm assuming that's aimed at women that have never filled their eyebrows before, I'd recommend it as a brilliant starter product for that! But if you're experienced with brow-maintenance I'd buy this purely for convenience.

How does it work?

It's a brush-on fiber gel which is applied with a 'mini mascara-like wand'. The tip of the wand is brilliant for precision and shaping, whilst the small bristles are ideal for filling or thickening.

Overall conclusion?

Excellent for quick and easy application, Benefit have made something fairly tactical and precise a whole lot simpler. However I wouldn't personally use it as a glam-up product; if I was getting dolled up for an evening event with plenty of time on my hands I'd revert back to an angle brush and a decent eye shadow for a more dramatic finish.

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