Sunday, March 16, 2014

I try to avoid limited edition products as it usually ends in tears, but it's SO difficult in Lush... the seasonal bathbombs are the best and I'm still mourning the loss of the Christmas Golden Wonder

LOVED this product, it's very similar to Sunnyside and Honey I Washed The Kid but with a honey-toffee scent (I thought this smelt like chocolate personally); a bubble bar on the outside and a fizz on the inside. I know everyone gets irritated by the glitter it's caked in but I quite enjoyed being sparkly for the entire night.

This I was really letdown by; I like my Lush bubble baths to be a Tim Burton experience - just plain obscure - but all this did was turn the bath water pink! I didn't even realise it had a fragrance; it was like a crap version of the Comforter. Rose is probably a more ideal choice if you want a short soak that will leave you moisturised as it contains lemon oil and coco butter. My skin was noticeably soft but personally I'd buy a cream for that, I'd rather it provided me with a rainbow of colours and sequins in my bath!

I used this mask after I cleansed my face in the morning and it left my skin looking fantastic for the entire day, my make-up went on perfectly and was still in-tact hours later. I really noticed a difference with this product and I'm relieved this isn't limited edition, I'm definitely purchasing again! 


  1. Great blog!
    Now I want to go to lush :) xx

    1. Aw thank you :) If you do you should definitely buy The Comforter, it's their best bubble bar!!

      Loved your blog btw xo