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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

My name's Louise, and I'm addicted to Instagram. It's the first thing I check in the morning and the last in the evening, if I'm after inspiration or motivation you can bet that's where I'm heading. Yup it's a full blown addiction; I'd half expect myself to get the shakes if I went cold turkey. 

There are five accounts in particular which I regularly check for updates. 

Antoinette Marie is a fashion stylist based in Sydney, Australia. If there was a girl's wardrobe I could raid it would be hers; she posts daily outfits from up-and-coming designers, and her choices are both luxury and budget friendly. If you're after fashion inspiration this is the account to scroll through, and unlike other fashion bloggers her outfits aren't trend based and are wearable year after year.

If like me you love bold eyeshadow looks but you lack the creativity to combine colours then I'd recommend Pin Up Beauty. Her Instagram provides you with heaps of inspiration complete with tutorials. If I have an event planned I always check her profile to help me find the best eyeshadow to complement my outfit.

Quite off topic here… but for comedic values this account is an absolute must! The odd post you may require a dry sense of humour but the majority of he's content is laugh out loud material. 

Rev Run's posts literally keep me both positive and sane, whilst reminding me of the bigger picture. I think it's important to have a profile like this in your newsfeed, as lovely as the fashion and beauty images are it's worth having someone remind you how great your life is.

Makeup artist sisters Sonia and Fyza Ali have really mastered their craft, sharing some of their professional tips on Instagram has definitely broadened my knowledge of the clever things makeup can do. If you have problem skin or want to improve your contouring skills their posts can really benefit how you apply makeup and your product choices. 

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