Ten Things a Twenty-Something Should Remember

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1. Eat healthy and work out often. As much as you hate me for this reminder it's worth acting on. I often tell myself that your twenties are your hot years - too young for wrinkles and too old for puberty, so lets make the best of ourselves.

2. Spoil yourself rotten! Contrary to what many of us believe, this is the time to be selfish with your money. Before the plans for mortgages and children come along spend your wages on you. Yes this means I am fully supporting your MAC habit :)

3. Be thankful you're not a teenage girl in 2014. They currently have Kendal and Kylie Jenner to compare themselves to, we had Britney and the Spice Girls. However low your self-esteem was back then, remember you could have felt worse.

4. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. This is the decade for life experience - take chances, make as many mistakes as you have to, and don't forget to have heaps of fun.

5. SPF, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Boring I know but since hitting 24 my teeny-tiny fine lines echo the importance of this.

6. Social media is stupid. Those insta images and tweets in your newsfeed are a fabricated version of a person's life - a version they want you to believe. Their lives are no where near as glamorous or horrific as they're making out. Nor are makeup blogger's skin as flawless as their pictures might suggest ;)

7. The only worry in your life should be your happiness. Not your career, money, or whether you're still single - just your happiness. Whatever the situation if you can remain a content, positive person then you've already won.

8. Cocktails are your (lethal) best friends. Adios to the Lambrini and WKD days, now it's all about the Porn Star Martinis - a rags to riches story with booze! Only now you wake up with a hangover on a deathly scale you didn't even know existed.

9. Girl Power. This is a no brainer, the more fantastic gal pals you have the stronger, and more confident you'll feel in yourself. We're better when we support and empower each other.

10. How far you've come. I'm sure there's been a low point in your past, whether that be a tough experience, or just exes and awful eyebrows - after everything you've been through be proud of the woman you've become and try to embrace those experiences that have made you, you.

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