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Thursday, January 08, 2015

If I had written this post a year ago… actually, I'll rephrase that... I would never have written this post a year ago. I was more in favour of the 'spend the bulk of your wages in the first week' way of life; I always had new makeup to play with, and a great cocktail orientated social life! However when I had to survive for the rest of month I struggled, not to mention the fact I had nothing substantial to show for the month of graft I'd endured. 

I'm sure you're currently wondering why a neurotic impulse buyer is writing a blog post on money saving ideas. Well, in August I hit a minor snag in my life, as we all do, and I had to drastically change the way I was spending. Between then and now I have only treated myself to a coat; this might be normal for some folk who have their spending under control and examine every direct debit with a fine tooth comb - whatever a tooth comb is - but it's unfamiliar territory for me and many others.

So if the past six months have taught me anything it's this, the difference between want and need is control! I've complied a few tips to help if your outgoings are exceeding your incomings, or if you alternatively want to start saving for something special. 

Get out of debt.
Easier said than done I know, but before you can even contemplate saving some money for a new handbag you need to pay off your debt, otherwise you're technically still spending someone else's money. The best way to get out of it is to face it. Ignoring your statements and just paying a minimum payment isn't going to make it go away. Use this money saving method to pay off any outstanding debt, however if your debts aren't as manageable then I'd recommend Martin Lewis' website.

Before you're paid, make a plan!
Plans are good, sticking to them's even better! Total your incomings and minus out the vital bits, phone bill, rent, etc. - all the essential crap we hate paying out for. The figure you're left with is your real money. Do this before pay day, it eases the temptation to spend as soon as you're paid.

Ask yourself if there's anything you NEED for the month.
This is where the delusion lies. If you own three foundations then you do not need to fork out on another, even if it's been reviewed by every blogger under the sun. However if you've run out of your only concealer this means you need a new one, simple right? If you've ever seen Confessions Of A Shopperholic you'll remember the scene when she finds the Gucci boots and asks herself "Do I need these?" Nine out of ten times the answer is no.

Go out less.
Saving doesn't mean you can't go out at all, although it's a fabulous excuse if you can't be arsed. Like myself I'm sure you've spent £80 in a night only to wind up with your head in a sick bowl feeling like you're going to die. To avoid this feeling of guilt give yourself a number which you're comfortable spending in an evening; get that money in cash and leave your card at home. But always remember an emergency £10 in your bra incase you get too excited with your budget and blow your cab fare. 

Whatever's left over at the end of the month, save it!
Set up a separate account for savings, preferably one that you can earn interest on; any money left over at the end of the month can be transferred into the savings account. Keeping them separate will avoid you dipping into the savings. Trust me after a few months of this you'll be surprised just how much money you can save, if you have any plans for 2015 such as traveling, moving out, or going to university this will really help. 

I hope this helps anyone thinking of saving more and spending less. If you know of any tips or useful blog posts do link below xo

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