Products I Regret Buying

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I must state beforehand that these products may not have necessarily worked for me but might work for you, the opinions are all my own.
I've never been a huge lover of these blog posts if I'm honest as they're deemed negative and brand crushing - but I'm also not a lover of buying crap products so... pfft here it goes. 

Tanya Burr's Lipgloss - Just Peachy
I know I'm going to get SO much hate for this, but hear me out - I love her, I love her lip glosses and her nail collection, but I thought this particular colour 'Just Peachy' looked god awful on my lips. It smelt delicious and the colour appeared pleasant but after about twenty minutes of wear it began to stain my inner lips and melt off everywhere else. Being a bright colour made this obvious to everyone; it's a very difficult colour to combine with such a thick texture.

Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation
If I recall correctly the tagline to this product's advertisement was "Ditch the cake!". It's marketed as a matte foundation which isn't heavy nor cakey - WRONG! Cakiest (if that's even a word) foundation I've ever come across. I resembled a school girl who had used a cheap concealer stick all over her face. I love Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation so I trusted this product would be of equal quality but it's really not.

Benefit's Agent Zero Shine
I love the idea of this product and if you like to apply powder throughout the day then it's no doubt a great purchase for you, but at a whopping £23.50. I'm not shy when it comes to splurging my money on makeup but in this case I couldn't see where that extra money was going? I'm guessing on the packaging because you only get 7.0g of powder in the pot.

Soap And Glory Face Brush
I totally copied YouTuber Ally Valentine with this face brush, I saw she used it in her 'Get Unready With Me' video and I figured I'd try it out. If I'm honest it just didn't fit in with my skincare regime and I wasn't particularly keen on using it on my scars either. If you're familiar with cleansing brushes then this would probably be a great buy for you, but if like me you prefer a hot cloth then it's not appropriate. Kinda bleeding obvious I know but this is an example of my impulsive buying.

Rimmel's Scandal Eye's Mascara
I believe the first time I used this eyeliner it was brilliant, and then after just one use it resembled a dried up, cheap felt-tip pen. I liked this idea for winged eyeliner as it simplifies something which at times can be soul destroying, but if there had been more product in the tube it would've been half decent.

Institut Esthederm Tanning Spray
This one is so difficult to slag off purely because it was overly hyped to me and the sad thing is that it probably does work really well. I was told it would increase my melanin and help me to tan safely - what I got was prickly heat. I would still recommend trying this tanning spray because it does have a loyal fan base, however prickly heat prone peeps like myself aren't a part of it!

So there are the products I think are definitely not worth the hype which I regret buying, do you have any purchase regrets? Let me know in the comments below.

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