Products That Are Definitely Worth The Hype

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Some people jump on hype like a tramp on chips, but others (like myself) choose to ignore it and decide something's average without even trying it - it's bad I know. 
I love posts like these which reassure me I am buying into a great product and not just something bloggers are writing about because everybody else is. So I've listed a small selection of wonder products below which have worthwhile hype surrounding them. 

Real Techniques Brushes

Pretty much the world and it's wife own these brushes, however I was late to the party because I did my usual stubborn thing and ignored the hype - mistakenly I saw them as a trend buy rather than quality. I'm quite happy to now admit they're bloody brilliant! Not one hair has malted from mine, they're easy to wash and most importantly they give your makeup a professional finish. I own and love all of them, except the pointed foundation brush and concealer brush - but that's purely cause I'm anti the classic foundation brushes, or to be quite frank… I'm a buffer *smug emoji face*

A few people recommended this product to me, particularly raving that it would transform my crease lines. It took a few days but I definitely noticed a difference, my concealer creased less and it did wonders for making me look wide awake at 5am. The affects alone are brilliant, I love it particularly because it's so refreshing and feels like cucumber slices on the eyes.

I don't see this product featured as often as I used to, but those of us who are still using it are screaming to the high heavens about how fabulous it is! If you use this industrial strength concealer for a night out I can reassure you it ain't moving! I know what you're thinking "thick concealer is great for hiding your bags but it will crease like a bitch." Noooope, I don't have any trouble with creasing with this either - pretty good huh?! And to top it off you only need the tiniest bit as a little goes a long way.

This is everyones favourite foundation of the moment, if you're yet to try it then I'd highly recommend giving it a go. The high coverage and dewy finish is what makes it so special, even for us oily skin gals! I know foundation comes down to personal taste so there's a chance my favourite won't necessarily be the same as yours, but it's definitely worth experimenting with.

I love Sleek, like literally 'Kel loves orange soda' kinda love - I think it was the best discovery of 2014! This probably comes down to it's price tag... as well as it's variety of colours… and the quality pigment - to be honest the contour kit alone is worth loving the entire brand for! I wrote a blog post on it here listing the pros of this product so I won't repeat myself because I've already dragged this post right out!

Was there a time you gave into a product's hype which turned out to be true? Let me know in the comments, and pop back tomorrow to see the products which I regret buying! xo

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